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Dec 27, 2012 6:00am EST
other points in the ratification process. who writes like -- the sort of defenses and arguments you see in the federalists today? who writes them? who sits at home and drafts arguments we see, letters, you see -- you never [inaudible] these were people who were engaged and knew the constitution and these were not scholars. these were not people who had appropriated to themselves license, the soul license to interpret or talk about the great document. these were foreigners. these were business people. some of them who have formal education, some who did not. they cared about the country. i think you need to have that today. i think that, you know, i go back to your book, you talk about the written and unwritten constitution. the unwritten constitution is that sort of trying to bring to apply it to current events and problems and cases, and developments and the debate continues on each one of those. and that's why you see the court go different ways. that's why the arguments -- [inaudible] that's why the scholarship is so important. one thing i like about the tone of the book. it's so
Dec 26, 2012 7:30am EST
defensive performance from white, he threw a touchdown pass, scored on an interception and kicked two extra points, the owls prevailed by a final score of 28-14. not even president lovett could have foreseen that. [laughter] now, when president lovett spoke 100 years ago, the newspapers around this state and around the nation took note that something big was happening in texas. "the new york times" reported that president lovett had attracted an array of learning such has seldom been assembled in the unite. the "dallas morning news" waxed almost mystically. it observed that president lovett's speech coincide with the the early evening appearance of both jupiter and venus and suggested that the evening sky was an august ri of a bright future for the institute. not every newspaper was as per sentive or tran accept cant. one local journal reported the founding of rice in the same column as the news that congo, the world's largest circus elephant, was coming to town. [laughter] but we now know 100 years later that those who bet on the future greatness of rice bet right. now, as i said, i'
Dec 29, 2012 2:00am EST
are too high, and anything associated with of the government accept for the defense department is counterproductive and democrats for their part that were once insurgence themselves are now a more diverse party, and they are a party that is protective of the government to some extent. especially the major elements of the inherited regime going back to teddy roosevelt and woodrow wilson continuing through franklin roosevelt and frankly richard nixon that has a good part of the domestic policy apparatus. they are realistic now. they are not filed by liberals wanting to socialize activities. it's a joke. the understand that the demographic forces at work and health care cost increases will make and they will be absolutely essential unstable and weekend overtime, so they are fully willing to engage in those negotiations. whenever i see a press report well, republicans say no new taxes and democrats say don't touch. and i said which democrats. the president isn't saying it. the leadership of the parties are saying it. they are perfectly prepared to negotiate. but since everyone underst
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)